Prime Advocacy knows the importance of having Congress acknowledge your issues on the Hill. However, only half of the year is spent in session for you to bring your association’s members into DC to meet with legislators. Utilize the other half of the year during recess by showing firsthand, the importance of your legislative agenda with site visits from your local Representatives and Senators. Host your local members of Congress on site of your facilities, clinics, stores, or to whichever establishment your legislative goals derive from and allow them to experience and see your daily challenges.


Prime Advocacy will help facilitate an in-district site visit during a recess week between your association member(s) and their member of Congress. Any time changes or day-of logistical adjustments between Congressional offices and your site visits will be coordinated seamlessly by Prime Advocacy and relayed to you immediately.


Travel and hotel reservations, material management, special accommodations for the member of Congress' visit, and time changes between the Congressional office and your local association member(s) will be handled effortlessly by Prime Advocacy. Both you and the Congressional office will be provided a detailed run of show from start to finish of the site visit and sent updates up to the minute.              


All media coverage, both, before and after your events, will be collaborated and sent to you and your team. Proactively managing positive or any potential malicious media coverage can be the difference between a successful event, and a PR nightmare.


Organizing and managing delivery of all materials to the Congressional office and the local association members can be time consuming and stressful. Let Prime Advocacy manage the process of providing all attendees the proper briefing material before the on-site visit. All day-of changes will be sent electronically to you and the Congressional office.


We will work with the member of Congress' Press Staff and your media department to drive media traffic coverage to the event, if desired. All press releases or press related materials created will be updated to the minute and distributed immediately to the Press Staff and your media team for quick distribution.