Hill meetings Scheduled

Since 2010, Prime Advocacy has secured over 26,000 meetings for 30,000 advocates on Capitol hill. We have executed 250+ fly-ins To date for organizations and companies across the political spectrum 

About Prime Advocacy

At Prime Advocacy, we know that a seamlessly executed advocacy plan is crucial to the success of any Washington, DC fly-in. We also know how difficult and time intensive it can be to secure legislative meetings for constituents. Prime Advocacy provides personalized support services for all your advocacy and logistical needs to help ensure your event will be successful. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to removing the hassle from planning your Washington, DC fly-in so that you can focus on substance, messaging, and policy during your time on the Hill. 

Each client has different goals they want to accomplish in Washington and as such, we customize the experience to fit each client's needs and requests. Our team will work closely with you to understand your demands and to build a strategy that is tailored to your specific advocacy goals.

When you get home, Prime Advocacy offers your organization the ability to bring Representatives and Senators to meet your local members through in-district site visits. We create a stress-free experience by managing the scheduling, media coverage, materials, and logistics. These in-district visits create unique and personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression on the member of Congress to take back to Washington.



26 Advocacy Days

3,804 meetings


46 Advocacy Days

4,843 meetings


70 Advocacy Days

6,687 meetings